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Planning a Family Portrait Session


August 14, 2023


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A Guide to planning a family portrait session on Martha’s Vineyard

The magic of a photoshoot lies in the ability to freeze moments of togetherness, love, and connection. In this blog post, we embark on a journey into the world of family photography. Here are some key points you’d want to consider when you are planning a family portrait session:

Selecting the Perfect Location

Explore the island’s diverse locations, from charming towns and historic lighthouses to the panoramic views of the sea. Try to reflect your family’s personality by understanding various settings. Consider the atmosphere you want to create in your portraits, whether it’s a classic charm of nautical ambiance or a breathtaking sunset on the beach.

Coordinating Outfits

Discuss the importance of coordinating outfits for a cohesive look in your portraits. Tips for choosing colors, patterns, and styles that complement each other and suit the chosen location will ensure your family stands out against the stunning backdrop. While matching outfits can be charming, aiming for coordination offers a more visually appealing result. Choose colors that complement each other within the chosen palette. A mix of shades and patterns adds depth and visual interest.

Personalizing the Session

Incorporate meaningful elements that tell your family’s story – whether it’s a favorite activity, a cherished prop, or a specific location that holds significance. Personal touches enhance the authenticity of your portraits. Include hobbies or activities that your family enjoys. Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, gardening, or cooking together, these activities provide natural interactions and candid moments that truly represent your family’s interests.

Timing and Lighting

Explore the best times of day for your portrait session to capture the island’s magical lighting. Whether it’s the soft glow of sunrise, the golden hour before sunset, or the clear light of midday, timing can make a significant difference in your photos. Preparation is key, so make sure you schedule your photoshoot well ahead and we’ll create a magic together.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Selecting the right photographer is crucial for capturing the candid and heartfelt moments that define your family. Learn how to find a photographer whose style aligns with your vision and who has experience in bringing out the best in families. Explore online portfolios, social media accounts, and websites of photographers in your area. Read reviews and ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations based on their own experiences.

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