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Whether photographing a once in a lifetime experience, or working on personal projects, my work has an artistic and natural aesthetic always focusing on the story behind the picture.

"If I have seen further then others,
it is by standing on the
shoulders of giants"
-Isaac Newton

I am a Hungarian from Serbia, living on Martha's Vineyard. Being influenced by three different cultures every day helped me to scope sensitivity to visual communication and define it as my language. With a fine balance between candid photojournalistic and elegant editorial approach, I am devoted to shining the light on my clients with a style that is as modern as it is timeless, always keeping real emotions in and their personality in focus.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing extremely inspiring couples who have helped lift my work to new heights and encouraged me to challenge my own perception of exactly ‘what’ a wedding photographer should be. One of a kind, bold, and captured with a soul.



Uhh...almost anything taco related or including
dark chocolate!


This guy. My husband, Seth. He's just as hilarious as caring and would follow and support me through all of my daring dreams. 



• I have lost my passport not once but twice in two different countries.
• I dream about photographing animals for a living
• My maiden name in Hungarian means walnut
• I speak 3 languages and I sound funny in all of them

fun fact


Conservation! Education is key to creating a sustainable environment and protecting all life in it.
Here are a few amazing non profits to support :
The Ocean Cleanup  
Coral Gardeners 
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 

things I care about


Oh so many! Travel, languages, animals, coffee, being barefoot, books, nature, cooking, no bake-baking and anything from Nappa Valley : )

Things I love



To meet amazing people from all walks of life, learn about their story and capture some of the best moments of their life. Priceless.

best part of my job


my favorite things:

about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

Our clients are seekers of  natural beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and a belief that
all humans are equal.

Family and friends are everything and no destination is too far. They focus on creating an experience that feels true to who they are as individuals and as a couple. They love to extend their celebration for the whole weekend.
They agree that the best photos always have a deeper meaning, they are the ones  that capture the emotions of the moment without much direction.


By combining my passion for photography and the environment, my goal is to raise awareness on issues of global importance and help support threatened species as well as conservation organizations that
support them.

My Vision